Retaining Walls Sydney

Retaining Walls Sydney

Active Landscapes specialises in the design and build of all types of retaining walls Sydney. These structures are integral to most landscapes. They have the ability to entirely transform outdoor spaces and significantly increase the usable area.
Retaining walls can help create safer outdoor spaces for features such as driveways, decks, patios and kitchens. They can also allow for extensions to existing structures and provide additional outdoor living areas.
As a company that has been operating in this industry for over 20 years we have the skill, resources and experience to build as well as replace retaining walls on your property

What Are Affordable Retaining Walls Sydney

Many property owners wonder whether retaining walls are any different from standard boundary walls or demarcating walls in landscapes. The fact is that the former are specially engineered features that are built to serve more than just an aesthetic purpose.
These structures can be built using a variety of materials including natural stone, concrete masonry blocks, timber, brick and concrete. There are a number of benefits to getting Sydney retaining walls constructed in your outdoor spaces such as:
Effectively hold back unstable soil.
They can also serve more than one purpose. For example, we can construct multifunctional, affordable Sydney retaining walls, with in-built seating or planter spaces.
Help prevent the ground in the outdoor areas from shifting or getting washed away.
Help protect the structures & buildings that surround your home/commercial building’s landscape from damage.
Block retaining walls add value to the property as they increase the stability and integrity of the landscaping.
Provide excellent protection against potential soil erosion
If you have terraced landscapes, retaining walls can be used to successfully demarcate the different levels, creating a very well-defined and balanced outdoor space.
Along with considerable structural benefits, block retaining walls are also important for property leveling. If you have slopes on your property, it can prove to be quite challenging to install gardens and shrubs that will thrive down a grade. However, well-planned and strategically positioned retaining walls Sydney, can provide additional gardening space in your landscape.
Installing these structures allows you to use the available yard area in an optimal manner, regardless of what its size is.

Why You Need A Professional Retaining Walls Contractor In Sydney

As mentioned earlier, these walls are very different from standard outdoor walls. They serve the purpose of providing support to the landscape and preventing soil erosion. This makes it crucial to hire the services of skilled retaining wall installation experts like the ones at our company. We are the affordable retaining walls landscaper with a vast knowledge of various aspects of hard landscaping.
Over the decades, we have handled retaining wall construction on hundreds of properties across the region. On our team are seasoned and highly skilled masons that can construct different types of retaining walls, based on the plans approved by you.
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Retaining Walls Landscaper Near Me

When you start looking online for retaining walls landscapers, you will find that there are a large number of companies providing the services. However this job requires specialised expertise and this is something we have in great measure.
Our team of experts will survey the available space. They will determine at which points these structures are required and then provide detailed plans and a Sydney retaining walls quote. We are very honest and transparent in our dealings with clients. We will never recommend that you get these walls built unless there is a real need for them.
However, if we find but there is excessive amounts of loose soil, poorly-graded land or that your landscape requires some additional support to protect it from strong ground movements, we may recommend retaining wall construction.

Perfect Design And High Quality Sydney Retaining Walls Construction

When we handle this job, you can rest assured that the retaining walls Sydney reconstructed on your property will be tough enough to withstand storms and flooding, and provide your landscape essential support. Poor or faulty retaining wall design and installation can result in failure of the structure, which can prove to be a potential danger.
The soil and rock that the structures retain are in constant movement. The groundwater and soil exert lateral pressure that can cause the retaining walls to produce large gaps, lean, bulge, crack, sag or even collapse. If you have a retaining wall on your property that is showing any of these signs, often, the only way to fix it is to tear down the feature and rebuild it. We can provide these solutions as well.
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Retaining Walls Landscaper Cost

As a professional retaining walls landscaper, we take a number of critical factors into account while handling this job such as:

  • Installing proper drainage
  • Creating a strong foundation
  • Including proper reinforcement
  • Using high-grade materials and workmanship

For any more information about our retaining walls Sydney solutions and other services, feel free to contact Active Landscaping at 0414 751 080 today..

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